Friday, August 18, 2017

Carpet Ride

Nick Bertke, also known as Pogo, is back with a new musical remix of the 1992 Disney movie Aladdin. Since you know the story already, you'll enjoy this musical collage as a four-minute movie viewing with a beat. And since Bertke works directly with Disney, the visuals are a high-res kaleidoscope. And there's a surprise at the end. (via Tastefully Offensive


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Hair in the Streets

In a segment from The Late Late Show with James Corden, Corden's Crosswalk ensemble got a little help from Lin-Manuel Miranda in performing selections from the musical Hair -at a crosswalk on Beverly Boulevard.
Both CBS and the state of California have told us we can't be nude in a crosswalk. Then again, people told me that Alexander Hamilton wasn't a Puerto Rican rapper with beautiful brown eyes.
So guess what happened. Of course, this was TV, so my guess is that there were flesh-tone Speedos underneath all that pixelation. Otherwise, there would be people bragging on Facebook about seeing Lin-Manuel Miranda in the altogether during their evening commute. (via Mashable)

Miss Cellania's Links

Keep It Cool. A brief history of trying to beat the heat.

Why we put sugar in bags.

Socialism: As American As Apple Pie.

Deep in the Heart of Our Galaxy, Einstein is Proved Right Again. His theory of general relativity holds true even at the black hole near the center of our galaxy.

"Total Eclipse of the Heart" Was Almost a Meat Loaf Song. It was written for him, but then detoured to Bonnie Tyler.

The Atomic Bomb That Was Too Big To Use. The largest nuclear bomb ever made, Tsar Bomba, was actually a scaled-down version of the original design.

6 Weirdly Specific Ideas Movies Have About Normal Bathrooms. You'll be surprised by the many times the same weird thing happens in a bathroom across different fictional worlds.

What It’s Like to Apartment Hunt With a Boyfriend Who Has No Credit Score. He's a responsible guy, but couldn't prove it on paper.

The 33 Most Romantic Moments In TV History. Get your hankies out.

27 Hilariously Nasty Sounding Mushroom Species Names. They would be hurt by them if they had feelings.

Know Your Cats

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Dog Cries with Baby

Dog takes baby's cracker. Baby realizes cracker is gone. Baby cries. Dog cries in sympathy. The world makes no sense. But you have to admit, it's cute and funny. (via Digg)

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Marriage Omen

Dinner with a White Suporemacist

Eddie Huang took his show Huang's World to Washington, DC. He spoke with white supremacist Jared Taylor over dinner. Taylor says the Europeans built America, but let's remember how they did it: they seized the land from the Natives, brought in Africans to build structures and till the soil, and got the Chinese to lay the railroads. Yeah, white people did that stuff, too. America was multicultural from its foundation; it was the Europeans who reaped the benefits.

But why is Taylor so terrified of being a minority? Could it be because he doesn't want to be treated the way he treats minorities now? You can see the whole episode of Huang's World here. (via Digg)

A Keeper

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Meanwhile, in Canada

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UVA Candlelight Vigil

Thousands of people carried candles at the UVA campus Wednesday night and sang songs. Allison Wrabel has video Tweets of "Amazing Grace," "Lean on Me," and "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" as well. She also linked to a story about the student journalists at UVA covering last weekend's chaos.

Miss Cellania's Links

Alan Hale Jr. "The Skipper." Meet the man behind the Gilligan's Island character.

Where To Join Anti-Nazism Marches And Charlottesville Memorials Around The Country.

12 Secrets of Roller Coaster Designers.

The 9 Most Nightmarish Movies About Nuclear Attacks. None of them are as scary as growing up during the Cold War arms race.

5 Tips from NASA for Photographing the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21. The secret is preparing ahead of time.

The Bloody San Antonio Origins of Chili Con Carne. One of the possible origin stories goes back as far as an uprising in 1813.

The United States of Movies. The most iconic film set in each state, plotted on a colorful map.

The Mind-Bending Science of Awe. Encountering something that overwhelms your previous experience can be terrifying or enlightening.

This is what Charlottesville looks like when people march for peace.

First Instinct

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Tweet of the Day

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Houston Police

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Raccoons Riding a Bike Wheel

Trash pandas just wanna have fun! This adorable trio of raccoon cubs discovered that the wheel of a hanging bicycle makes a great swing. They can't wait for their turn, so they fight a little, and then end up piling on all at once. Whee! (via Laughing Squid)

Participation Award

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The North Korea Polka

Weird Al Yankovic debuted his newest song Sunday on Last Week Tonight. Kim Jung-Un backed off his threat to nuke Guam on Tuesday. Coincidence? You can view the whole North Korea segment of the show here. It contains NSFW language. -via Metafilter

Victorian Banana Candy with Banana Facts

Gregory Cohen of Public Displays of Confection knows that we love watching the hard candy with images inside being made. Cohen also knows that the process can be tedious, even on video, so as the candy is being cooled, pulled, shaped, and pulled again, he tells us everything we ever needed to know about bananas. Like, how they are cultivated, the internal structure of a banana, and why banana candy usually doesn't taste like a banana. The candy factory is also a soda fountain Called Lofty Pursuits in Tallahassee, Florida, so Cohen is fairly enamored of the bananas he uses for banana splits.