Saturday, October 21, 2017

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The Haunted Toaster

June O'Brien tells the tale of her toaster possessed by the devil on the Today Show in 1985. (via The Daily What)

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Friday, October 20, 2017


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My Sweet Jax

Musician and comedian Erik Helwig (Hot Dad) performs a touching tribute to his beloved cat Jax. First you think, this is silly. It doesn't even rhyme. Then you think, this is a pretty catchy tune. But before you know it, you think, aww, I know how you feel, cats will do that to you. Over the course of the song you get to know Jax, a cat you've never met. You just might get a little teary. (via Tastefully Offensive)

Worth a Shot

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The Cats' Lament

The Beginning

Alluding to the human fertilization process as a squadron of Rebel fighters attacking the Death Star may seem silly on paper, but it works in the video The Beginning. Biologists Don Ingber and Charles Reilly at Harvard's Wyss Institute set out to make a hyper-accurate film of how sperm fertilizes an egg. They used real data from research, converted into animation. The purpose was to engage non-scientists, so they framed the process as a Star Wars parody. It was a cheesy idea that turned out to be sublime in the rendering. But even more interesting, the process of animating the sequence uncovered something new about the morphology of sperm.
By combining insights from Hollywood animation studios and empirical data from biology, Ingber and Reilly set out to create a hyper-accurate 3D model of a sperm cell. Their goal was to see whether cinematic storytelling based on data could be a way to engage people who might be turned off by numbers and dry technical papers. As a bonus, their pursuit of engagement through animation resulted in a scientific discovery about how energy is distributed in a sperm cell to make it move.
The short explanation of the energy distribution and how it was discovered is at Motherboard.

Miss Cellania's Links

Roy G. Biv. Learn something new about every color of the rainbow.

11 True And Truly Horrific Halloween Horror Stories. Warning: true crime. 

Make Your Own Rathtar-O’-Lantern.

Men, here’s what you can do to fight rape culture.

Dogs Have Pet Facial Expressions to Use on Humans, Study Finds. They learn what we like, and use it to communicate with us.

The Year of the Witch. Hartford, Connecticut, spent 1662 and 1663 in a frenzy to identify witches among the townspeople.

What Does the Hamburger Helper’s Skeleton Look Like? Each possibility is more ridiculous than the last.

The Wages Are Too Damn Low

A Catfishing With a Happy Ending. The man she met online was an impostor, but then she met the guy he had stolen a profile picture from.

The Haunted Hospital. Waverly Hills Sanatorium has been a TB hospital, a nursing home, a failed religious monument, and now a paranormal investigation site.


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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Bring Your Bus

My College Transition

Making friends in college is easy for some, difficult for others, and neither is abnormal. My college daughter made friends easily freshman year, but then transferred to a more serious school where everyone is busy working and studying. My older daughter didn't get to know people until the end of her freshman year. Everyone I knew during my freshman year dropped out and I didn't get to know anyone else until I got into the higher classes of my major, and that was 40 years ago. Emery Bergmann tells her story in video form. 

Florida Safety Patrol

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Why Brush Your Teeth When You Could Be Petting the Cat?

Markus Klemelä just wanted to brush his teeth. His cat wants some lovin'. The cat, like all house cats, doesn't recognize boundaries when he wants something, so Markus could only do one thing -grab his phone to record this interlude. The cat is pretty insistent, and has a world-class purr machine. (via Digg)

The Cat's Laundry

Things That Tell the Truth

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Bullying Jr.

Burger King released a video about bullying. They staged a scene of high school students bullying a kid in the dining area, and the also "bullied" their Whopper Jr. burgers. That's the goofy part. They compare how many people complained about the burger to how many people stood up for the kid. As you can guess, more people were concerned about the burger. After all, they paid for that. 

It's the later part of the video that gets you, when people are shown intervening in the teenager's abuse. That might trigger you. You can say that won't help, and might even make the bullying worse at a different location. But a lot of folks in the reddit comments recalled being bullied as a child, and their clearest memories were of that one time someone stood up for them and let them know they weren't alone. The ad directs you to the No Bully site.

Miss Cellania's Links

Charles Laughton in The Hunchback of Notre Dame. The making of the 1939 film was an extreme experience for its star.

7 Times Misleading Movie Trailers Didn't Align with the Film. The trailer's only purpose is to get you into the theater, where you may be surprised.

Math Suggests Inequality Can Be Fixed With Wealth Redistribution, Not Tax Cuts.

Flowers Have Secret Blue Halos That Bumblebees Can See. The effect is produced mechanically instead of chemically.

Searching for the Identity of San Francisco’s Mysterious Mummified Girl. DNA analysis and a painstaking records search have given her a name and a history.

Jets Fan Who Stands For National Anthem Sits On American Flag.  

Learn to Make Alien Facehugger Pudding Cups for Your Halloween party. They have edible Alien eggs and facehuggers, they fizz, they glow in the dark, and they're delicious!

From Folk to Acid Rock, How Marty Balin Launched the San Francisco Music Scene. More than just the founder of Jefferson Airplane, he encouraged the opening of clubs and auditoriums, promoted festivals, and welcomed bands from all over.

The Wikipedia Markov Masher is a generator that will mix two Wikipedia articles together into a paragraph that almost, but not quite, makes sense in an artificial intelligence way. See some really funny examples here.

The NFL’s leaked memo on acceptable player stances during the national anthem. One commenter said, "When oh when can we return to the simple brutal joy of watching grown men chase a ball around while giving each other lifelong bodily and brain injuries?"